Diocese of Pittsburgh

Safe Environment Policy

While Saint Kilian Parish welcomes the participation of all, we also take very seriously the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy. This policy was created to take every possible measure to assure that Church personnel and all those who have regular contact with minors are committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth.  We must ensure that all those regularly involved with parish-sponsored activities are capable of identifying and preventing the abuse of children and youth, and have no personal history of behavior that would be a threat to children.

The Safe Environment Policy applies to all those 18 years of age and older, whether clergy, members of consecrated life, or laity, who, as employees or volunteers, act in the name of the Church under the auspices of the Diocese of Pittsburgh or one of its parishes.

*SKPS Parents - Please click here for a Safe Environment Introduction Letter Regarding School Clearances

To begin the process of obtaining your clearances, please select one of the links below:

  1.  New Volunteers—if you have never volunteered through Saint Kilian parish, click here.  
  2.  Current Volunteers—to update outdated clearances, or confirm your clearance status, click here.  

To view our protocol for reporting suspected child abuse, please choose from the following:

For questions regarding these policies or help with the process of obtaining your clearances, please contact our Safe Environment Coordinator, Jo Scheller.
THANK YOU for taking the time to help us protect the children and youth of our parish.

Obtaining Your Clearances

Saint Kilian Parish and School is committed to the safety of all children and to meeting the Safe Environment requirements set out by both the Diocese and the State of Pittsburgh. To comply with the mandates of the Church, all parents and adults wanting to participate in any school activities (field trips, classroom visits, cafeteria shifts, etc.) or any parish ministries (Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Social Ministries, etc.) will be required to complete and submit the following items.

Because these take some time, parents and adults are highly encouraged to start this process early so that clearances will be in place when activities arise.

Please note:

  1. Photocopies of clearances obtained through work or other volunteer positions are able to be used to fulfill these requirements. Please bring a copy of your certificate of completion or your clearance results to the parish front desk, ATTN: Jo Scheller.    
  2. Most clearance websites are not formatted to work correctly on cell phones or IPads. Please use a regular laptop or desktop PC to complete your clearance applications.
  3. Please allow one week for your clearances to be received and entered into your files by our staff. We are blessed to have a large parish with many needs.
  4. Once all your clearances have been received, you will be sent a CONFIRMATION EMAIL. If you have not yet received this email, you have not been cleared for volunteering at this time.
  5. If you are unsure of your clearance status, please complete our online Clearance Review.

Items Required to be Completed

#1 - DIOCESAN DATABASE - please complete this clearance first

  • Begin here: Diocesan Database Application - When asked for an access code, use PROTECT.
  • After you create your username and password, you will need to log back in and complete the sections listed on the right-hand side – as each section is finished, the red x will be changed to a green checkmark. All sections must be green.
  • Once completed, click on “submit this application.” It will ask you to confirm that you want to submit – select YES (NOTE: once submitted, an error page will sometimes pop up not allowing you to go further. This is normal – you can see your application has been successfully submitted by logging back in).
  • As part of the application process, you will review the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct and the Reporting of Child Abuse and the Child Protective Services Law of Pennsylvania brochures.
  • This application will automatically generate a Criminal Record Check with the State of Pennsylvania on your behalf; results will be sent automatically to the parish.
  • The Diocesan database registers you in the Diocese – you will not receive “application” results unless there is a problem. In that case you will be contacted directly.


  • Please email Jo Scheller for your payment code PRIOR to completing this clearance.
  • Complete the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance form online at PA Child Abuse clearance
  • Click on “Create Individual Account.” The first question asks you for your “Keystone Id” – this is your username, please select one between 6-10 characters. Once you complete that brief page, you will see the message that your new Keystone ID and your temporary password have been emailed to you. You will use that information to fill out the actual Child Abuse application by logging in again at PA Child Abuse clearance but this time you will click on “Individual Account” and then click on “Access My Clearances”
  • If you are a volunteer, please select “Volunteer having contact with children” as the reason for your application. If you are an employee, please select “Employee NOT governed by public school code.”
  •  The last step of this application (“Application Payment”) will ask you if you have been provided with an authorization code. Select YES.  Enter the code that was emailed to you (requested before beginning this clearance).
  • Results will be sent directly to you; please email, mail or bring a copy for your files, ATTN: Jo Scheller.

*NOTE: Please save a copy of your username/password and the data you enter on this form for your records.  This has to be renewed in 5 years; it is very helpful to have your previous application information to copy from if needed.  


  • All volunteers and employees are to complete the Virtus training program “Protecting God's Children” at either a Diocesan sponsored class (AT A LOCAL PARISH) or through the Virtus training course (ONLINE).
  • Both types require that you register online. Begin here VIRTUS (Protecting God's Children) REGISTRATION  -- select “First Time Registrant” if you do not already have an account (right below the user login is “First Time Registrant”). Click on “begin the registration process” and then for the Archdiocese/diocese please select PITTSBURGH, PA
  • Choose your session. The online session option is towards the end of the list.
  • You will need audio for this course. Total time of completion is 60-75 minutes.
  • At the completion of the course, please PRINT the certificate of completion and email, mail or bring a copy for your files, ATTN: Jo Scheller.

Volunteers may be excused from the FBI Criminal History Report requirement (getting fingerprints taken) if they have been a Pennsylvania resident continuously for the previous 10 years and have none of the felonies listed on the waiver.


Have you lived in PA for 10+ years (with none of the felonies listed on the waiver)? Click here FBI Fingerprints WAIVER – Please print this form and sign it, verified by a witness (any adult 18+ can be your witness). Please email, mail or bring a copy for your files, ATTN: Jo Scheller. For those without internet access, paper copies are available in the office. If you do not qualify for a waiver, please complete the instructions below.


Have you lived in PA for less than 10 years OR have at least one of the felonies listed on the FBI Fingerprints WAIVER? --you will need to submit fingerprint results. The parish covers the fee for fingerprinting. PRE-REGISTRATION is required before getting fingerprinted.

  1. Go to -- to start your registration you will see: “Enter Your Service Code To Get Started.” The code is different depending on whether you are a school volunteer, parish volunteer, school employee or parish employee. Please email Jo Scheller if you do not know your correct application code.  
  2. On the next page select “Schedule or Manage Appointment”
    1. You will be asked if you have been given an authorization code for payment (this is different from the code in step 1) -- select “NO”
    2. You will be asked to select a form of ID – the name on your ID must match EXACTLY what you enter on this form. You must have this ID with you in order to check in or you will not be fingerprinted.
    3. Once you are finished with the steps, you will be directed to select a location (you must select a location – you will then be given the option to select appointment time & date OR to select “walk-in”) *please note, at least one location reportedly refused a walk-in from our parish. Please call to confirm availability before driving to the fingerprinting center of your choice.
    4. The final page should have the message “You have successfully pre-enrolled.” Please print for your records using the print icon in the upper right corner of this page.
  3. You will need a credit card or money order for payment at the location site (no cash). Once completed, please submit your payment receipt and a copy of your fingerprint report results to the parish. Please email, mail or bring a copy to the office, ATTN: Jo Scheller.


  • All employees and volunteers who have regular contact with children are designated under Pennsylvania law as mandated reporters and must complete the online “Mandated and Permissive Reporter Training Course” offered by the University of Pittsburgh here:  Mandated Reporter Training. At the upper section of the page will be two links: “Welcome” or “Registration.” If this is the first time you have accessed this site, please begin under “registration” to enter your personal information and create a user id/password.
  • This training takes approximately 3 ½ hours but can be stopped after each section (save it before exiting) and returned to at a later time. You will be asked if you are a Mandated Reporter (3 hour credit class) or Permissive Reporter (2 hour credit class) -- click the option for MANDATED. Upon completion of that training you will be issued a certificate. Please email, mail or bring a copy of that certificate to the parish, ATTN: Jo Scheller   NOTE: This class is similar to the “Protecting God’s Children” course above but is a separate requirement mandated by the state of PA. Completion of both is required for your clearances.
  • There are other providers of this training. Some can be used in place of this requirement. If your training certificate has 2014 or newer date of completion and lists 3 credit hours, it may be acceptable. Please email Jo Scheller at to verify.

When you have completed the above requirements you will receive an email stating that you are eligible to volunteer. For the safety of our children, adults will not be allowed to participate in any school activity or function until all clearances are completed.

If you have any questions, please contact Jo Scheller, Safe Environment Coordinator, at 724-625-1665, ext. 2104 or by email at  We are so grateful to the many adults who complete clearances each year, thank you!

*Note: only the Child Abuse and the Fingerprinting clearances expire and need to be renewed every 5 years.  All others are a one-time requirement.