Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

The mission of the PTG is to build and educate a community of faith by supporting our teachers and staff, providing resources and activities for our students and families, and facilitating communication between parents and staff of Saint Kilian Parish School.

The Parent-Teacher Guild is a wonderful way to collaborate and accomplish various goals for our student body. All parents are encouraged to participate either through being a member of the PTG Leadership Council, committee members, or as members of the general assembly. Meetings will be held as needed, with dates noted on the school website. Complete details regarding PTG activities, volunteer opportunities, communications and contact information can be found below:

2019 - 2020 PTG Leadership Council

Position Name Email
President Lauren Collins
Vice President Tricia Prag
Secretary Chelsea Elliott
Treasurer Jen Koziara

2019 - 2020 PTG Committee Chairs

Category Committee 2019-2020 Chair Notes Email
Event Celtic Way 5K Meghan Morris 10/13/19, North Boundary Park
Event Father/ Daughter Event OPEN Typically February
Event Gala Jen Salac / Katie Jo McKenna  3/21/20 Tentative
Event Last Shamrock Standing Tricia Prag 11/9/19, Parish Hall
Event  Mother Son Bowling Leslie Bondra / Holly Pilla Typically March @ Family Bowling
Fundraising 3 Cs OPEN Fall & Spring
Fundraising Book Fair Lynn Thewes / Emily Garr Fall & Spring
Fundraising Santa Shop Meghan Morris/ Lauren Collins/ Tricia Prag 12/3/19-12/6/19, SKPS Library
Fundraising Betsy Ann OPEN 3/20
Fundraising Bingo OPEN 9 Fridays a year
School Culture Catholic Schools Week Jessica Kontul 1/27/20-1/31/20
School Culture Clover Corner Katie Pappas / Tricia Prag Ongoing
School Culture Cookie Bakers OPEN Ongoing
School Culture Decorating Chelsea Elliott Ongoing
School Culture Homeroom Coordinator Kristin Ravasio Ongoing
School Culture JA Kylie Malack 5/20
School Culture Lenten Pizza Jessica Kontul  2/28/20 - 4/3/20 (Fridays)
School Culture Photography Jim Smith / Terri Alessandro  Ongoing
School Culture Read Across America Suzanne Higginbotham Spring
School Culture Service Lori Gibson (5-8) / Open (K-4) Ongoing
School Culture Spirit Squad Jessica Kontul  Fall & Spring
School Culture Staff Appreciation Jen Pappas/ Jennier Koziara/ Lauren Collins Ongoing
School Culture Welcoming Committee OPEN Ongoing
School Culture Yearbook Jim Smith / Lynn Thewes Ongoing
School Culture Bridge Chair Katie Pappas Ongoing
School Culture Eucharistic Adoration Jen Pappas   Ongoing

PTG Leadership Council Responsibilities


  • Develops PTG meeting agendas in conjunction with the leadership group and facilitates the monthly meetings.
  • Coordinates topic of interest presentations for the parent group.
  • Acts as a liaison between parents and school staff for school-wide projects and activities.
  • Helps to develop the foundation for the PTG program.
  • Ensures that yearly goals of the PTG are identified, communicated and accomplished.
  • Determines appropriateness of PTG expenditures


  • Assists the PTG President with all of the above responsibilities as necessary.
  • Helps coordinate parent activities/groups.
  • Coordinates parent volunteers as needed.


  • Responsible for the creation, tracking, and reporting of the overall PTG budget and financial position.
  • Responsible for all financial activities of the PTG including the Fundraising Committee.
  • Maintains bank account in conjunction with the Business Manager.
  • Prepares and presents monthly update for PTG meetings.


  • Records PTG monthly meeting activities and prepares minutes to be posted on the web page.
  • Meeting minutes serve as the official documentation of all PTG decisions and as communication to parents.
  • Publishes the Celtic Bridge Family Newsletter on a regular basis (usually every other week).
  • Maintains a current copy of the PTG Bylaws.

In addition to the above-listed responsibilities, each Leadership Council member will act as a liaison to the PTG Committee Chair in the following ways:

  • Provides an overall perspective on school operations and activities.
  • Communicates necessary information to the Principal and Committee Chairs.
  • Helps to ensure that programs address the overall needs of all students of Saint Kilian Parish School (as appropriate).
  • Works with Committee Chairs on budget preparation and approval from the Leadership Council and Principal.
  • Assists Committee Chairs as needs are identified.

PTG Committee Roles and Responsibilities

PTG Sponsored Events:

  • Celtic Way 5K
    Help is needed to coordinate the event details and help facilitate the event day.  Help is needed to solicit sponsors and pick up donations, assemble race bags, run cheer stations, man the race course, etc.
  • Celtic Way Spaghetti Dinner
    A fun family event – "carb loading" with a delicious spaghetti dinner the night before the Celtic 5K. Help is needed with all event details, organizing the food/ donations, food prep and working the actual event.
  • Father/ Daughter Dance
    A sweet event for daughters of SKPS and their dads, usually scheduled for a Sunday afternoon each Spring.  Help is needed planning the theme, decorations, food, and then working the actual event.
  • Gala
    A beautiful formal event held in the Spring with an open bar, sit down dinner, dancing, lots of prizes to win and auction items for bidding.  Requires a large amount of volunteers to coordinate all the donations, theme, decorations, and overall event planning. 
  • Last Shamrock Standing
    A casual, fun fundraising event held in October.  A reverse drawing raffle is the main prize.  Other games and prizes available.  Causal dinner/ open bar.  Help is needed to plan theme, decorations, food, set up and work the event.
  • Mother Son Bowling
    A fun bowling event for SKPS boys and their moms, usually held in March.  Help needed to plan the food, décor, and activities, and help with the day of the event.


  • 3C's
    This committee helps to collect box tops throughout the year and also coordinate the bundling of school supply shopping for the summer.  Parents should collect Box Tops all year, and they can be turned in throughout the year.  There are usually 2 times per year that the Box Tops are sent in for credit.  Help is needed counting the Box Tops and organizing them for shipment.
  • Betsy Ann Candy Sale
    Selling Betsy Ann chocolate delivered in time for Easter.  Help needed coordinating the schedule of the sale, the communication with Betsy Ann Chocolates, the delivering of catalogs and order forms, and helping to hand out the candy orders on pick up days.
  • Scholastic Book Fair
    Book Fair takes place in the library each spring.  Volunteers help kids shop at the book fair during their class's assigned period.
  • Santa Shop
    A perfect way for the SKPS students to buy quality gifts for Christmas presents for friends and family.  The Santa Shop is usually held the week after Thanksgiving, but work happens all throughout the year.  There are lots of handmade gifts that are big hits at the sale, and we can use crafty folks to help at home and at our workshop to create the gifts.  Shopping help for the gifts that are purchased.  And lots of help hanging decorations, setting up the sale, and working with the kids throughout the 4 days of the sale (shopping partners, register, and lots of present wrappers needed).  A fun way to volunteer and get into the holiday spirit.

School Culture:

  • Clover Corner
    Clover Corner is our shop where you can purchase SKPS spirit wear and goods, and also purchase gently used uniforms at very reasonable prices.  Help is needed to fill online sales orders and/ or to collect, organize and inventory uniform donations.  Also, volunteers are needed to work the live sales held a few times throughout the year.
  • Cookie Bakers
    Who loves to bake?  If you do, add your name to the list of cookie bakers that the PTG and school can tap into for special events.  No more than a few dozen cookies a few times throughout the year.  Share your favorite cookie recipes and help make the desserts extra special because they are homemade!
  • Catholic Schools Week
    PTG organizes an activity in the cafeteria each day during Catholic Schools Week (Last week in January).  Help is needed to organize activities, help with service projects, volunteer during lunch periods, MC games.
  • Decorating Committee
    The Decorating Committee brings life and joy to the halls of the school.  The decorating for events is normally handled by individual committees.  The overall decorating of the school during key times of the year (Welcome Back, Christmas, Lent, etc...) is done with this committee.  Help needed with picking themes/ decorations, and then lots of cutting, taping and hanging fun!
  • Photography
    The photography team chronicles school life throughout the year for the Yearbook and School publications.  Help is needed at Sporting Events, Team Pictures, School Events, Classroom Parties, etc.   Photos are uploaded through drop-box.
  • Read Across America
    Activities are planned to encourage students to Read More!  A theme is planned and a friendly "competition" takes place through the whole school.  Students are encouraged to read and turn in book reports.  Help is need to decorate, track books, plan fun incentives.
  • Service Committee
    Service Committee works with Grade Level Homeroom Coordinators to plan Service Projects.
  • Spirit Squad
    Help us show our school spirit!  Two times a year, we have a Pep Rally to celebrate all the athletes in our many sports programs, once for fall sports and once for winter/ spring sports. Other fun activities are built in the event as well.  It’s a great time or the kids and the teachers to have fun and celebrate each other!  Help is needed to coordinate the plans and then facilitate the two events.
  • Staff Appreciation
    We are very thankful for the teachers and staff of SKPS, and want to show our appreciation to them.  The Staff Appreciation Committee provides teachers and staff with special breakfasts, lunches and events throughout the year.  Key times where help is needed - conference days in October and January, Christmas lunch and cookie buffet before Christmas break, and Teacher Appreciation Week during the first week of May.  Help needed to coordinate food purchases and donations, and work the meal times during the events.  Extra help needed to make Teacher Appreciation Week a success, as there are multiple events throughout the week, the largest being a dinner for teachers and their guests on Friday evening.
  • Welcoming Committee
    As families join the SKPS community for the first time, we like to make them feel welcome and want to provide resources for them to help answer questions. There is both an Ice Cream Social for new families and a Kindergarten welcome being scheduled for the summer.  Help is needed to coordinate these events and facilitate the activities on event days.
  • Yearbook
    The Yearbook Committee works with the Photography Committee and Yearbook Company to put together the yearbook each year.
  • Junior Achievement Day "JA"
    1 day event in the Spring each year where each class has a special teacher for the day, usually a parent or high school student.  JA provides the curriculum focused on money, family, community, jobs, etc.
  • Lenten Pizza Lunches
    During Fish Fry Fridays in Lent, our cafeteria is not fully operational for normal lunch prep.  Each Friday, pizza and sides are brought in for students to purchase (or they can pack as normal).  Volunteers are needed to help serve the food during lunch times and clean up afterwards.