The Celtic Way

Saint Kilian Parish School encourages each student to assume responsibility for their actions, develop self-control and accept responsibility and consequences for inappropriate behavior.  All students will have the opportunity to learn the behaviors expected of them and use those behaviors on a regular basis toward the goal of becoming an effective "self-manager." The Saint Kilian Parish School Discipline Policy (available on the Parent Portal) has been designed to help students grown in understanding of their Christian responsibility to themselves and others.

Behavior expectations include five core values or "virtues". Outlined below are the five virtues and examples of each. These virtues will be taught to all students at the start of the school year and posted throughout the building for easy reminders for the students. It will be expected that students utilize these virtues in all interactions throughout the school day, from classroom, to lunchroom, to recess, between classes, before and after school while on the school grounds and during school athletic events.


I complete and turn in my assignments.
I bring materials and homework.
I try my best at all times with a positive attitude.


I am honest (truthful) with myself and others.
I do the right thing.
I accept criticism of my actions.
I accept consequences for my actions.


I give eye contact when listening.
I accept no for an answer.
I cooperate with others.
I value the rights, feelings, and property of others.


I follow directions the first time asked.
I work independently without disturbing others.
I complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time.
I exhibit self-control in a variety of settings.


I consider other people's feelings.
I listen to others.
I apologize for my actions.
I accept apologies with respect.