Auxiliary Services

Saint Kilian Parish School is as inclusive as possible in welcoming all students for whom we can provide an appropriate program based on their needs. We believe that every child can learn and learns at his or her own pace. Children in need of special support staff receive services in order to help them learn and achieve at their level in accordance with the guidelines of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Diocesan Director of Individual Student Abilities. Please select from the following for further information regarding these services:


A school counselor from the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV is available to provide individual, small group and class counseling sessions to children in grades K-8 at Saint Kilian Parish School on Monday's and Friday's during the school year. Our counselor's responsibility and goal is to provide activities that develop and/or improve academic skills, career awareness and personal/social skills to SKPS students.


For students requiring additional assistance in reaching their academic goals, remedial math and reading services are available through the Midwestern Intermediate Unit.

Gifted Education: GOAL

Gifted education is provided by Saint Kilian Parish School as a pull out program and is available for those who qualify for services through a qualifying psychological evaluation. Please contact the school office for information.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and language services are also provided by the Midwestern Intermediate Unit.  This special service is offered to students to enhance communication skills which directly impact social and academic interactions.