About Us

Our Facility


Situated on 33 acres of land, Saint Kilian Parish School occupies 70,000 square feet at the intersection of Route 228 and Franklin Road in Cranberry Township and was a labor of love for many individuals. The design of the facility and construction of the building and meets the many needs of our students and parishioners both now and for generations to come. We are delighted to have added a church to our campus in September, 2016.

Every area of our facility provides opportunities to enhance educational and spiritual growth. On our 33 acres, teachers can take the classroom outside to observe different aspects of nature, creating a "green classroom." This type of hands-on learning provides Saint Kilian students with a very unique perspective and appreciation for their environment. The grounds are also used for recess, recreational, and athletic play. A playground, blacktop, soccer/football field, and cross country trail is available for use by all students, both for recess and organized sports.

Classrooms and Technology

All classrooms are designed to accommodate both school and Faith Formation programs, with separate storage areas for both. An advanced Music Room, Library, Science Lab, and indoor and outdoor chapel are available to all students. The entire facility is WIFI enabled and wired to provide the most up to date technology. We offer video-conferencing, educational television, a laptop lab, iPad mobile carts for preschool through Grade 5 and 1:1 iPad environment for our middle school students in Grades 6 - 8 (click here for more about our technology). Additionally, all classrooms are equipped with an Apple TV and Smart or AQUOS Board for interactive learning and presentation.


We could not have been more excited to move our weekly school Mass from the school Gymnasium to our brand new chuch in September, 2016. The church is a short walk down the campus sidewalk for our school children.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

The cafeteria and full service kitchen is used during the weekdays for the students, then as parish meeting and event space during evenings and weekends. The kitchen is used to prepare hot lunches for the students (click here for more about school lunches), and provides space as a concession stand for activities in the gymnasium.


The gymnasium is regulation size to accommodate both official basketball and volleyball games. The gymnasium is configured and equipped to have two smaller basketball courts running cross-width enabling multiple activities to take place simultaneously. Accordion-style bleachers flank the gym walls for flexible seating options.


Safety of our children was kept in mind during every aspect of the design phase of our facility, both inside and out. The classroom wing is highly secured and can only be entered using a monitored access key card. Visitors and volunteers are required to sign in at the office and are not be able to access the student areas without assistance from school personnel (click here to read our Safe Environment Policy). All outdoor areas are fenced in and are easily reached without crossing any streets.

To maintain the safest, most conducive learning environment for students:

  • At 8:25 all exterior doors are locked, the main office is the only area where one can be admitted by the receptionist throughout the day
  • visitors must report to the office to obtain a visitors identification badge and must be worn at all times while on property
  • communication with teachers and students is handled via the school office and done in a manner that does not disrupt the classroom routine
  • security cameras are enabled throughout our campus

No Nuts Please, Saint Kilian Parish School is Nut Restricted!

We have several students in our school who have life-threatening allergies to nuts and/or peanuts. To ensure the safety of all students we serve, we ask that peanut products or nuts not be brought to school. Current families must adhere to our Allergy Policy and follow our Nut-Checked Safe Snack List when packing lunches or bringing food items into our facility. Documentation is available on our Parent Portal. Please contact the school office with questions.