Saint Kilian Parish Facilities

Our Historic Parish Church in Mars

Saint Kilian Parish's Presence and Outreach in Mars

Our original church, located at the corner of Clark and Cherry Streets in the borough of Mars, PA,  is over 100 years old and was built by Free Methodists and purchased by Catholics and consecrated for Catholic worship in December, 1920. This same building was remodeled, and repaired and enlarged many times. On July 4, 1934, fire struck the church. Quick work by the local fire department saved the building, although heavily damaged. Masses were held at Mars High School during church repairs. The Mars church hall was started by Father Seibel and completed in 1949 under Father Schaughnessy. The Mars rectory was built during Fr. Hannon's years at St. Kilian. Following Vatican Council II, many physical changes within the church became apparent, yet some memories were preserved in unique and meaningful ways.

As the parish grew, it became clear that the parish would eventually need a larger space for worship. In 2008, the Cranberry Parish Center was complete and services moved to the new¬† campus gymnasium to accommodate parishioners. Today, the church in Mars is still an important part of Saint Kilian Parish. While no longer used for sacramental or liturgical services, the facilities house the Kilian Cupboard food pantry and the parish welcomes neighbors and friends to complimentary, weekly Fellowship Dinners here. Our Quilt Ministry also uses this space to create amazing quilts which are delivered to the homebound. 

Our original church in Mars is an important, and still thriving, part of our history and parish family and as such remains an integral point of outreach for Saint Kilian Parish.