Caring Quilters

Caring Quilters

"When Life Throws You Scraps, Make a Quilt!"

This is a ministry for everyone! The way to give a tangible gift of love, hope and care from the parish made by members of the parish. No need to be an experienced sewer, quilter or artist to be part of this ministry. Work from home or join us at our monthly Saturday work day from 9 to 3. Everyone is invited to stop by and see what we do. If you can stay all day, we offer lunch, if you can give only 30 minutes, it is appreciated, or you can work at home. It is a great family project and children have some of the best ideas. Sewers are always needed. Please check the bulletin for dates. 

The seeds for this ministry were planted the summer of 2004 when a hospitalized parishioner received a Comfort Blanket from our friends at St. Ferdinand's. She showed the blanket to a visitor and said, "We can do this." The woman was Michelle Baehr. Michelle died September 19, 2007. Her courage, faith and strength were the guiding force for this ministry. The beauty of reaching out to people with prayer through this ministry was just so inspiring that the inspiration became a reality. This ministry was finally started the summer of 2006 and our first year harvested 83 quilts.

Our parish has several hundred members in nursing homes. Then there are the homebound, those serving in the military, the sick and those families or individuals going through difficult life transitions.  We also have the celebrations of baptism, marriage and the RCIA program. There is an increasing need for our parish family to "reach out and touch" those who can't physically or emotionally be with us and to show our support and thanks in times of celebration.

This ministry can involve just about everyone. People can donate time, material, supplies, wash, iron, sew, cut or decorate squares. Literally, everyone, on their own time, can contribute something to this ministry.  But, the most important contributions are the prayers attached to each quilt. Prayer cards are given to everyone who works on the quilts. Bags of 3 blank squares are available in the Parish Center, near the gym, all the time.

For more information, or if you know of anyone who could use a quilt, have any questions or suggestions, please contact, please contact