Parish Directory
Name Email Extension
Saint Kilian Parish 2108
Saint Kilian Parish School 2101
Prayer Request Prayer Request Email
Help Desk 4357
Kilian Cupboard
Knights of Columbus
Ladies of Charity
Saint Vincent dePaul  

Parish Staff Directory
Name Title Email Extension
Reverend Charles S. Bober Pastor 2106
Deacon Ralph Bachner Pastoral Associate
Director of Evangelization 2103
Deacon William Carver Pastoral Care
Institutional Ministry 2115
Deacon Robert Marshall Youth Ministry
SKY Ministry (High School) 2116
Gail Beck Parish Secretary 2108
Alan Boburczak IT Manager 2119
Joe Capobianco Maintenance  
Sheila Coulson Development and Events
Stacye DeJulius Director of Marketing / Webmaster 2118
David Dreher Director of Music Ministries 2113
Mary French Director of Faith Formation 2122
Lynn Gallagher Assistant to the Principals 2126
Charles Goetz Business Manager 2105
Jared Hanley Maintenance    
Vaughn Hanley Head of Maintenance 3106
Amy Kohl Cafeteria 3104
Steve Lehner Maintenance    
Mark Mansfield Maintenance    
Rosey Natale Receptionist 2107
Deanna Ochs IT Specialist 4357
Phil O'Hara Director of Technology 2123
Jane Pampena School Principal Consultant  
Jessica Rodriguez School Principal 2112
Jo Scheller Faith Formation Assistant
Safe Environment Coordinator
Jr. SKY Ministry (Grades 5 - 8) 2104
Kristen Schwalm School Assistant Principal 2109
Lesley Stofko Director of Development and Events 2121
Debra Wioskowski School Office Manager 2101